Sunday, January 27, 2013

Testing stages or Phases (Release Testing)

6) Release Testing 
  • After completion of acceptance, corresponding project management can select few developers and few testers along with few hardware engineers to go to real customer site or license purchased customer site for software release. The remaining developers and testers in the team can go to bench ( wait for next project ).
  • The selected developers and testers chosen for release of software are called as release team or onsite team or delivery team. 

This team performs the tasks mentioned below in the corresponding customer site

I. Complete installation of software. 
II. Verify overall functionality of software. 
III.  Support from input devices ( Keyboard, mouse, . . .) 
IV.  Support from output devices ( monitor, printer, . . .) 
V.  Support from operating system and other system software's. 
VI.  Co-existence with other software's. 
VII.  Support from secondary storage devices ( external hard disk, pen drive, cd drive ) 

The tasks mentioned above are referred as green box techniques. 
After completion of above observations in customer site, corresponding release team can conduct training sessions for end users or customer site people. At the end, release team will come back from customer site and go to bench. 

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