Sunday, January 27, 2013

Software Test Closure

After completion of all test cycles, corresponding test lead can conduct a review meeting with selected testers. In the review meeting, testing team discuss below factors.

1) Coverage Analysis

a) Module wise coverage.
b) Testing topic wise coverage.

2)Stability in software:

Stability of a software indicates, in 20% of testing we can find 80% of bugs and in 80% of testing we can find 20% of bugs.

3) Calculate Bug density:

Modules in SUT              % of bugs
      A                                         20
      B                                         20
      C                                         40----------------> Final regression testing
      D                                         20
                                                100 % of bugs     

Note: Testing team can re-execute test cases related to high bug density modules on final SUT for "Golden bugs" to detected. This testing is called as "Final regression" testing or Post mortem testing or Pre- acceptance testing or confidence testing. If golden bug was found then testing team will request the developers to fix as early as possible or request customer site people for later patch release.

4) Analysis of differed bugs:

This analysis indicates, whether differed bugs are postponable or not.

The above four points called as "Exit criteria".

  • Acceptance testing: After completion of software test closure, testing team will join with development team to collect feedback from customer site people in alpha an beta testing manner. If any changes were needed in final software, development team can perform changes and testing team can review those changes for completeness and correctness.
  • Sign off: After completion of acceptance level, test lead can role off testers and team lead can roll off developers from current project / product. PM can role off test lesd and team lead from current project or product after receiving final summary report. 
  • In software testing final summarry report is called as Requirement Tracability Matrix(RTM).
 Requirement Tracability Matrix (RTM):


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