Sunday, January 27, 2013

Adhoc Test Strategies

From software testing principles, exhaustive testing is impossible due to this reason organizations are following optimal test strategies for software.Due to some risks some organizations are following adhoc testing.

a) Monkey Testing:
Due to lack of time, testing team is conducting testing on some modules of SUT only instead of all modules.

b) Buddy Testing:
Due to lack of time, testers will join with developers to continue development and testing parallely from early stages of development.

c) Exploratory Testing:
Due to lack of documentation, testers can prepare scenarios and cases for responsible modules depends on past experience, discussions with others, internet browsing, by operating SUT screens, conference with the customer site people and etc.

d) Pair Testing:
Due to lack of skills, junior testers will join with senior testers to share their knowledge during testing.

e) AgileTesting:
Due to sudden changes in requirements, testing team can change corresponding scenarios and cases then they will goto retesting and regression testing on those modified software.

f) Bebugging:
To increase or to improve the skills of testers, developers can release software with known bugs. If testers are found those bugs testing team is good otherwise team needs some training.

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