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Testing Stages or Phases (Integration Testing)

3) Integration Testing 

After completion of related Programs Writing and Unit Testing, corresponding Programmers can Integrate those Programs and conduct Integration Testing.Integration means connecting the two programs.While integrating programs, programmers follow any one of the approaches mentioned below :

a) Top - Down Approach:
In this approach, programmers are integrating programs with some modules.Because remaining sub modules are under construction.In the place of under constructive sub modules programmers can use the STUB. 
top down approach

STUB: STUB is a temporary program to send back run control to main module, instead of under constructive sub module. 

b) Bottom - Up Approach: 
In this approach, programmers are integrating sub modules without involvement of under constructive main module. In the place of under constructive main module programmers can use the DRIVER. 
bottom up approach

 DRIVER: DRIVER is a temporary program that is used instead of under constructive main module. 

c) Sandwich Approach: 
The combination of top - down & bottom - up approaches is called as Sand witch Approach or Hybrid approach . 
sandwich approach

Note : The 3 approaches i.e., top down approach,bottom up approach and sandwich approach mentioned above are also called as Incremental Integration approaches. 

d) System Approach or Big Bang Approach: 
In this Approach, Integration will be starting only after complete 100% Coding is done. ( There should be no  STUB or DRIVER in this Approach ) 
  • Driver programme is also called as calling program.
  • Stub programme is also called as called program.

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