Sunday, January 27, 2013

Testing Stages or Phases (Maintenance Testing)

7) Maintenance Testing

During utilization of a software, customer site people send change requests to corresponding company or organization. Which means fixing done by enhancements called as Software Change Request(SCR).
To handle those change requests, project management establishes a team called CCB ( Change Control Board ) 
CCB members have both development and testing skills.
Note : Depends on the software failures in customers site, project manager can define the efficiancy of testing team.
Testing Team efficiancy  or bug removal efficiancy: = A/A+B
A -> No. of bugs found in software during testing.
B -> No. of failures of software during maintenance.
software change request scr
This testing involves Grey Box Techniques ( White Box + Black Box ) 

Case Study:
case study of all testing stages or phases

                                               Fig: Case Study of all Testing Stages or Phases

Note: From above case study, test engineers are conducting software testing and involving in acceptance testing. Some selected testers will goto onsite for release testing also.

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