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Testing Stages or Phases (Documents Testing)

From Fish, V and Agile Models of development process testing will get multiple stages.
1) Document Testing:

  1. It is the first stage in Software Development Process, Requirements Gathering will be done by Business Analyst ( BA ).
  2. Here, BA prepares a Document based on Customer Requirements called BRS / CRS / URS.
                BRS : Business Requirement Specifications.
                CRS : Customer Requirement Specifications.
                URS : User Requirement specifications.
      3.This BRS will be reviewed by the same BA for Completeness & Correctness.

Once BRS is base-lined, system analyst ( SA ) prepares SRS ( Software Requirement Specification ) depends on that  BRS.

example of srs brs


Here we can observe that SRS is divided in to FRS & NFRS.
FRS consists of Customer Requirements to be Developed and NFRS consists of Customer Expectations to be Achieved.
After completion of SRS preparation, Corresponding System Analyst reviews that SRS for its Completeness & Correctness.
Once SRS is base-lined, Corresponding Designers / Technical Architects concentrate on Software Design in High Level & in Low Level.
High Level Design(HLD - Project Level )
High Level Design shows the complete architecture of Software.

example of hld

Low Level Design's ( LLD's - Module Level )
Low Level Design provides the Internal Architecture or Logic for a Specific Module. so, thats why, One software or Project has One HLD and Multiple LLD's.
After completion of HLD & LLD's, Corresponding Technical Architrect(TA) can review those Designs for Completeness & Correctness.

example of lld

Note: During above document testing, people can review documents by following 3 techniques such as walkthrough,inspection,and peer review

a) walk-through:
Walk-Through means a Document being studied from First to Last.
b) Inspection:
Inspection means searching a Factor in Document.
c) Peer review:
Peer Review means Comparing 2 Similar Documents.

Above 3 Techniques are also called as Documents Testing Techniques or Verification Techniques or Review Techniques or Static Testing Techniques.

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