Sunday, January 27, 2013

HP- QC (Network Admin Responsibilities) Creating a New Database

Creating a New Database:

After completion of providing userid for new employee, and when a new project is starting N/w admin can follow below criteria to create a new empty database in server computer with the help of QC tool.
In general, QC tool is allowing N/w admin can to create a new database in server by using the oracle and SQL server.In future, testing people are using that database to store testing documents with security.

To create database, N/w admin can follow below navigation:

Qc Explorer--> Browse SA bin--> Click Go--> Do login by N/w admin--> Site projects-->Select current project domain-->Create project-->Select empty project option--> Click next--> Enter current project name as database name--> Next--> Select test lead username as current project / product.

Note - 1: Network admin can take the help of HR department while creating the user-id for new employee, and he will take the help of project manager (PM) while creating a new empty database in server for a new project testing.

Note - 2: Logout is compulsory after completion of transactions by the network admin.

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