Monday, January 7, 2013

Company Architecture of HP-QC

Introduction of HP-Quality Center:
  • QC stands for "Quality Center".
  • This tool old name is "Test-Director".
  • HP-QC is a complete test management tool.
  • Working as a website in company Network.
  • This leading web-based QC system helps QA teams to implement a quality management process and build a foundation for best practices on an enterprise-wide level.
  • Quality Center(QC) is designed to cover all the quality activities including requirements , test management, defect tracking, defect reporting as well as areas like business process testing.
  • Ultimately what we can expect from Quality Center is improved application 'quality' with more effective and cost efficient project implementation in company.
Company Architecture of HP-QC:
company architecture of qc

Explanation of above diagram
  • From the above architecture of a company network, H/W team can install QC software in server computer.At that time server OS is as windows 2003 or 2008 of microsoft.
  •  In server computer,QC can create database by using ORACLE or SQL server to store testing documents.
  •  In that network, client machines are using by network admin, PM (project managers), testlead, teamlead,developers,viewers (Business analyst,technical architect etc..) and stakeholders (only for agile model).
  • Network admin is using 'site administrator bin'(SA-bin) part of QC,remaining employees are using 'Quality center bin' (QC-bin) part of QC.
  • To open SA-bin part or QC-bin part, employees are using a common browser installed in client machine called as "QC explorer".

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