Sunday, January 27, 2013

HP-QC (Test lead Responsibilities) Allocating Work As Testing Topics Wise:

After completion of work allocation modules wise to the testers, corresponding test lead can allocate work to the testers as testing topics wise.

Allocating Work As Testing Topics Wise:.

To give permission to the different roles, test lead can follow the below navigation:

QC Explorer---> Browse QC bin URL---> Click GO---> Enter user id and password by test lead---> Click Authenticate to get domain name and the corresponding project name---> Click login---> Click close in the welcome screen---> Test plan component---> Subject folder---> Enter testing topic as folder name---> OK (Follow above navigation to store all responsible testing topics names as folders)---> Logout.

Example: Subject
Functional testing                 ----- Pradeep
Usability testing                   ----- Srikanth
Compatibility testing            ----- Ramu
H/W configuration testing    ----- Vamshi
performence testing            ----- Geethika
Installation testing               ---- Pradeep

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