Saturday, January 5, 2013

Introduction To Software Testing

Software Testing

'Software testing' is both a discipline and a process. Though software testing is part of the software development process, it should not be considered part of software development. It is a separate discipline from software development.Software testing is an iterative process of both verification and validating functionality, and, even more important, attempting to break the software. The iterative process of software testing consists of:

  1. Designing tests
  2. Executing tests
  3. Identifying problems
  4. Getting problems fixed
The objective of software testing is to find problems and fix them to improve quality.

The most important thing for any 'Software Tester' is to understand the motive behind testing of any product before carrying out the testing process in their respective company. 
The main purpose of software testing is Verification, Validation and Identification of Bugs. Verification is basically inspecting on the process and verifies if we are building the product right whereas validation is a process carried out after verification and determines if the product meets the user’s requirements. Bugs identification is vital to figure out discrepancy in Actual and Expected result. 

Defining 'Software Testing' in simple terms:
software Testing:Testing out the software by comparing the expected and actual result inorder to improve the quality of the software is called as 'software testing'.

  • Software: A set of executable programmes is called as 'Software'.
  • Software Project  Vs Software Product: If a Software was developed with respect to to specific customer requirements, then that Software is called 'Software Project' or 'Software application'.
   If a Software was developed with respect to to overall requirements in market,
   then that Software is called 'Software Product'.   


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